WeLearn - #AllOurHealth 2019

Terms and Conditions

This #AllOuHealth Learning Out Loud course is provided by @WeLearnOutLoud as a http://www.wecommunites.org Continuing Professional Development initiative, funded by Public Health England (The Funder) and delivered via the WeLearn platform.

There is no charge for you to take part in this Learning Out Loud course.

Use of the course is provided under the following conditions:

The course combines the presentation to you of both WeCommunities and Funder supplied content via the WeLearn platform, the monitoring and storing of tweets for business intelligence and sharing in line with Twitter’s terms of service (https://twitter.com/en/tos) and the recording of course user’s reflections for continuing professional development.

Collected information may be shared with the Funder; both we and they may be also use this information to develop, improve or promote the value of their work.

The funder may request to make contact with you to support or discuss the impact of your learning.

The platform ensures that you and the Twitter account running this course (@WeLearnOutLoud) follow each other, this is to ensure that you can receive DMs (Direct Messages on Twitter) from @WeLearnOutLoud as part of the course provision and support.

WeLearnOutLoud will NOT send any automated tweets or DMs on your behalf.

If the course requests a postcode this will only be used to map your tweeting activity either as a heat-map or as a twitter wall, users are recommended to use a work or personal postcode and are encouraged to use either the full or first part of the postcode.

You agree not to carry out any malicious activities that might interrupt the ability for WeCommunities to deliver this service via the website by for example attempting load any harmful software or programmes to the WeCommunities WeLearn platform/website.

If you require your information to be removed under GDPR “Right To Be Forgotten” please email us RTBF@wecommunities.org

If you have any questions about these terms and conditions, please contact us via email at welearn@wecommunities.org